Vesuvio Ultra Marathon game over

In the end, we can’t make it.

Our team has been working hard during the last few months in order to set up the event in a safe and secure context and obeying all the rules. We did it with a great enthusiasm and believing that the situation would improve or at least become more favorable. But it didn’t.
With great regret, we announce that it is actually impossible for us to guarantee the proper and safe course of the race, considering the restrictions that will be still in force until the end of April here in Campania (Red Zone), but also and above all the fact that the Vesuvius Crater is closed and would stay closed even in case of a slow relaxation of the measures (Orange Zone).

Therefore, we found ourselves forced to stop it here and postpone the race once again.

It was a hard decision to make, but we couldn’t accept the idea of organizing and promoting a race without ensuring the accurate respect of all the rules, both national and local, or not letting our athletes run along the Vesuvius Crater.
Our competition, which was just a local trail race in the beginning, has become an important nationally recognized event, thanks to the support of many athletes and the commitment of many people.
For this reason we realized that postponing it to 2022 would have been the best deal in order to preserve the prestige and quality which have characterized it over the years. Hoping for better times to come, we thank you all for trusting us.

Ps. About Registrations

Athletes already entered (for the 2020 and for 2021 edition) will be automatically registered for the 2022 Edition of Vesuvio UltraMarathon, and will be contacted by ENTERNOW as soon as the new date will be defined.